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Benefits of FileMaker vs Custom PHP app

Question asked by hightekjonathan on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by ADNPlus

The company I work for is trying to create an in house Intranet style system for tracking multiple pieces of information about the company, such as employees, project status (TeamForge), potential clients, work orders, etc. In my spare time I have been creating what I think would work as the form of a Laravel project with a MySQL database, cause it can integrate easily with LDAP for authentication, can call REST API endpoints fr TeamForge integration, and allows me to harness multiple DB type (MySQL, SQLite, etc.). However the guy who started the thought process wants to use Filemaker and Filemaker Server to do this, but I've been struggling to find ways to integrate everything together into what seems like just a Database style application, and not much of an actual management system. Can Filemaker actually pull information using API calls to other server, and process the data into an elegant front end? Or is it truly meant more for just keeping a organized database? What would the maintenance be like to add new integrations?


Please keep in mind, I currently have a vast majority of the system done in Laravel just from adding pieces in at the end of the day for the past month, so what are the true benefits of switching over, or staying away from filemaker?