Not sure where to start - please help

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I am a compleet noob to databases - loving the process of learning though - sorry if this is a stupid question


I have created a database that contains several tables including the following .


Observation Records

I need to be able to track the observation records and compare them to a criteria that counts the  number of observations and when they reach a threshold "stamp" the record.


The Child needs to reach 10 observations overall.

When 1st observed - stamp "Just In' and the date it was achieved

When 7 observation records achieved - Stamp "Comfortably in' and the date it was achieved

When 7+ achieved - stamp "Securely in"  and the date it was achieved

This then needs to be tracked so that progression can be tracked over time.


I have no idea how to even start with the solution!! Any idea`s on where to start would help


Thanks for reading !