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Question asked by piaccounting on Sep 20, 2017
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Here in the UK out tax collector, HMRC are haphazardly trying to introduce "Making Tax Digital" (MTD). I believe there is a similar thing in the USA. The objective is that all accounting records should be held digitally and that certain summary numbers must be communicated to HMRC via API tools.


My limited knowledge of this is that the (REST) API's supported languages are Java, Scala and Node.js and they use commands such as GET, PUT,  POST, DELETE and OPTIONS.


The general gist is to log on, perform some authentication and then send and receive information as required.


In its simplistic form I think a table would be required with one record for each submission with fields containing the necessary data either to be sent or to be populated with data received.


My question is therefore a general one and I apologise in advance if I have omitted any key information, but would this communication be possible from within Filemaker?


Thank you for your advice.