FileMaker Go 16 "The file could not be opened (Not Found)"

Discussion created by richmassey on Sep 20, 2017
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I've recently been having an issue with FileMaker Go 16 (running on an iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 11) and my externally hosted FileMaker Server 16 (running on Server 2012R2).


When trying to open the latest iteration of my database the application returns Error: The File "MiP 3.0" could not be opened (Not Found). The file in question is able to be accessed via FMPA 16 on my home system and laptops. The previous file is able to be accessed by FileMaker Go 16 with no problems.


I've attached the view from FM Server showing the Databases, they show "Normal" and have the same access levels over FM Go as well as the error popup from FM Go 16.


Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.