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Counting the number of unique values in a field

Question asked by Shoreline on Sep 21, 2017
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I need some help. Here is a breakdown of my database.

I have a Database where we keep track of People, which institution they studied / worked at and whether they published any papers.

So how i have it set up is this way.

I have the following tables:


People_Roles (Where we select the Institution, Department & Year attended)

Publication_People (Where we select the papers published & Year published)


I have a report Displaying by Institution, Department, Year, Publications.

I need to Count how many Publications where published each year.

My report is based on the People_Roles table.

So when i do a regular count it counts the number of people who are linked to the publication instead of the actual publications.

I have tried various calculations and i just can't seem to crack it. Any advice?

I have attached my Layouts & Relationships.