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Need button to add relationship between two existing contacts

Question asked by atlantisrk on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by richardsrussell

I have two table occurrences of the table Contacts and a join table called Relationship, related in the following way:


Contacts::ContactID = Relationship::ContactIDfk1

Related|Contacts::ContactID = Relationship::ContactIDfk2


I have a portal on the main Contacts layout to display related contacts and would like to programme a button to add a new related contact. However, I need two different options; 1) to create a NEW related contact (i.e. a new record), and 2) to create a new RELATIONSHIP between two existing contacts (i.e. link two existing records).


In researching the method for option 1, I have written the attached script; however, it does not finally assign a serial number to Related|Contacts::ContactID in the "Related Contacts" layout... the field remains empty. What have I done wrong?


Additionally, I understand a script is needed to copy the Relationship record and reverse it so that the relationship can be viewed both ways though the portal, but I can't find what this might be. (Is there an article or video or book that explains when to use different script steps?)


I have no idea how to go about creating option 2, nor how to let the user chose which of the options they would like... can anyone help???