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Script Debugger causes FM to crash

Question asked by Beat on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Beat

FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced, Os X 10.11.4

Since a couple of days I have this strange problem that FM stops to work after passing some scripts in the debugger. Often it is at exactly the same script step, but there are several different steps in different scripts where it happens. When it does I can still close and open the debugger, I sometimes can close some FM windows, but never all of them. Most of the commands in the menu are greyed out, I can never close FM anymore but have to kill it.

I have installed some new software like node.js, git, python, webstorm two weeks ago. But I would be happy to know more about possible interferences before I start to uninstall....


Has anybody an idea what might cause this problem?


Thanks for any hint.