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index a file

Question asked by wbaruch on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Johan Hedman

Below are the first four things to do to re-index a file from the Support Knowledge base:

What to do when your file is corrupt

1. With the database open, choose File menu > Manage > Database.

2. In the Manage Database dialog box, click the Fields tab, and double-click the indexed field.

3. In the Options for Field dialog box, click the Storage tab.

4. Remove the index by selecting Indexing: None. Then click OK.

The next four steps are the same except that in step four you clik All to re-create the index



-except it didn't work for me.  When I go to restore indexing I find it did not move to "None" in the first place, even though I had saved and closed the file before returning to restore the indexing.