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Need assistance with a Multi Portal question.

Question asked by xxx202xxx on Sep 21, 2017
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AssetMGMT, ServiceMGMT, NotesMGMT


Relationships -

AssetMGMT::AssetID = ServiceMGMT::AssetID_fk

ServiceMGMT::TicketID = NotesMGMT::TicketID_fk


Current Portals

Asset Layout - Service portal that shows all the tickets for the current active asset

Service Layout - Notes portal that shows all the notes for the current active ticket



Once part of the issues is already completed where the Service Portal is on the Asset Layout.  It lists all of the tickets that the active asset is apart of.    I would like to be able to click on a ticket # to show all of the notes for that particular ticket.  I know I will need a Notes Portal on the Asset Layout also but here is where I'm stuck.  My fable attempt only shows the first tickets' notes and I am unable to change to a different ticket.