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Question asked by hockman11 on Sep 21, 2017
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I have a mail to script that has lots of text and some of the text does not show in the email generated.  I have broken it up with "".  Not sure why it won't show all text??


"&body="& GetAsURLEncoded("Hello,¶

Below is the information that we discussed in your IEP meeting about completing the pre-application for OVR. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions."&"¶¶

1. Go to¶¶

2. Click the 'Sign In/Register' button at the top right corner of the page.¶¶IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED WITH JOBGATEWAY:¶

  * Sign in using your Keystone ID and password.  Select the 'Career Services' tab on the top right of the page and choose the 'Programs and Services' menu item.¶¶IF YOU ARE A NEW JOBGATEWAY USER:¶

  * Click 'Register' and follow the online registration process using the on-screen instructions.  An email address is required in order to register.  On the 'Registration Confirmation' screen, select 'Request Staff-Assisted Service' button.¶¶"&"3. On the 'Request Services' page, select 'Office of Vocational Rehabilitation – Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services'¶                    

  *  Under comments or reason for referral, please note the high school you attend or home district if different.¶¶"&"4.  Select 'Request Services' on the bottom of the screen.  A pop-up notification will appear providing an explanation of OVR’s mission and basic eligibility criteria.  Follow the on-screen instructions, choosing 'YES' or 'NO'¶  *  Choosing 'YES' will take you to OVR’s Pre-Application for Services. ¶  *  Choosing 'NO' will return you to the previous page.¶¶"&"5.  Once you reach the Pre-Application page, use the 'START' buttons to complete each section.¶  *  You may start your pre-application and finish it later by clicking 'Save and Finish Later'.  Your incomplete pre-application remains available on your JobGateway Dashboard for up to 90 days.¶¶"&"When all sections are complete, select the 'Submit Application' button.  This will send your completed pre-application to the OVR District Office that covers your county of residence.  Within 15 days, you will be contacted by OVR to discuss the next steps by phone, mail, or email.¶¶")