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Discussion created by realgrouchy on Sep 21, 2017
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I just got the weekly email digest ("FileMaker Community Updates, September 21, 2017") with the new format for the Trending Now section.


I like that it includes a blurb from the discussions. However what was the detail about the level of activity. The previous format was "[Discussion title] new activity by [user] , [user] , [user]...". The new format is "[Discussion title] / [username] in [forum] X days ago" and then a paragraph blurb with a "Read More" link.


I've found this information useful in helping to determine whether I want to open the discussion, e.g. if a question that I think I could answer has likely been answered.


The "Updates on your contributions" section has a nice format where it says "[Discussion title] was viewed X times and replied to by Y people". This information isn't particularly relevant to me in this section because I will have already gotten email notifications for replies to my content, however it would be handy to include this summary in the byline of the threads listed in the Trending Now section.


- RG>