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Container Field Troubleshooting (2)

Question asked by Scorpion167 on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Johan Hedman

My original is in "Container Field Troubling"


I'm in the process of setting up an external drive for storing my images and I'm having a problem with establishing the Pathname to an external hard drive.  My database file is on a Mac Mini that has a 4TB external drive connected.


I'm using "Manage Containers" to create the pathname to the external drive, then I navigate to the table that has my container fields and I select


> Option: Storage

> Check: Store container data externally

> Select that pathname in "relative to:"


After selecting "Transfer Data" I'm getting an error message "Target Base directory is not valid"


I used the Network Path example for my Base Directory: \\ComputerName\ShareName\DirectoryName\