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Set field difficulties

Question asked by jayGamel on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by siplus

Set field has me baffled when it comes to getting information from one file to another. Not a problem between two tables in a single file, but between separate files? Not happening. I've attached a simple db (fmpro12) to show what I mean. I think the problem may be in how the relationships are set up, but i just don't know. I have read a lot in the forum, but most problems are way over my head involving multiple script steps. I want to copy the contents of three fields (two number and one text) from one file to another -- not even necessarily related.


I am on a mac 0s 12.x, lotsa memory, sierra, and am about a quart low on brain fluid at this point. Any help appreciated.


Sorry if the scripts nomenclature is confusing, but they are pretty simple.