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Displaying Field Names from a variable

Question asked by AlfredoMolinolo on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by AlfredoMolinolo

I have this procedure:


Set Variable [$FieldNames; Value: TTSR::Field1 & ¶ &   TTSR::Field2  & ¶ & TTSR::Field3  & ¶ & TTSR::Field4]

Set Variable ($Counter; Value: 1)


     Show Custom Dialog [GetValue($FieldNames;$Counter)]

     Set Variable[$Counter; Value: $Counter + 1]

         Exit Loop if [$Counter > 4]

End Loop


The procedure display the value of each field of the variable $FieldNames.


How do I display the actual field names rather than the values?