SSL issue when upgrading FMS14 to FMS16

Discussion created by CarlSchwarz on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by Johan Hedman

Product and version : FMS 14(latest version), FMS16v2

OS and version:  2012R2

Hardware: VPS (AWS EC2 t2.medium)

Description and workaround:

I installed FMS14 on a fresh server and created and inserted a GoDaddy cert using the fmsadmin command line method.  I then uninstalled v14 and installed v16 using the upgrade instructions in the FMSv16 documentation.  FMS16 wouldn't accept the certificate I created with v14 because it said it needed a password to go with the csr key file but I didn't have a password on the file. 

I attempted to use the admin console to create a new csr to get a new certificate from GoDaddy.  I pressed the "Start Over" button which said that it successfully deleted the files, I then pressed the download certificate and couldn't get the configuration box to appear so that I could make a new csr but it would not give me the configuration box and would just download a file.

I then uninstalled and re-installed FMS16 and I the same was occurring.

To FIX I uninstalled FMS16, then deleted the FMS16 folder from program files, then reinstalled FMS16.  It all worked fine then.


This is a minor issue but thought I would report the inability for FMS16 to allow me to reconfigure a new CSR after upgrading from FMS14, even though I pressed the "Start Over" button.