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Can I make a conditional Value List based on a date?

Question asked by arthurlaurent on Sep 21, 2017
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I'm making a database of my Dad's by-lined newspaper columns from 1947-1982. (I estimate 4,500-5,000 records. But that's just a guess.)


I have a Value List defined of newspapers and TV supplements for which he wrote, more or less in chronological order. I've been manually choosing from the Value List as I transcribe his columns.  I was idly wondering if I could make a conditional value list, based on date?


Here's what I thought I'd do (the short version):

Using the CASE function, make a list of dates (some with only one publication possibility, some with two or three), and the name of the paper he wrote for during these dates..


I figured I'd begin with the oldest newspaper, and move toward more recent, doing something like this (dates are made up...I've got to do more research to get the real dates.). The function should fall through the list until it finds the first Boolean TRUE (I read that in a book, so it must be correct.)


Case (

     Date July 2, 1945...Sept 1, 1946; "College Topics"

     Date Sept 2, 1946...October 1, 1947; "The Cavalier Daily"

     Date Oct 2, 1947...Jan 1, 1951; "The Bluefield Daily Telegraph:

     Date Jan 1, 1951...Apr 3, 1954; "The Washington Post";

     Date Apr 4, 1954...Dec 31, 1982; "The Washington Post & Times Herald"



Sometimes, he wrote for a newspaper during the week and wrote for their TV supplements on Sunday. So amidst these papers, there are three or four differently named TV supplements. I want the supplements to be chosen if the day of the week is Sunday.


The publication dates of the Sunday TV supplements are only indirectly related to the newspaper names. The start-stop dates for the TV publications aren't the same start-stop dates as the newspapers.


How would I do that? Would I have to make an interstitial line between each newspaper for the start-stop dates of each of the TV supplements?


Thanks in advance for any help.