"Intelligent field" - One field as Three type, Is it Possible?

Discussion created by Suresh on Sep 21, 2017
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Hi Everyone!


Good Morning..


I'm creating a portal.


It required to get,

if value is an Attribute it has to show Yes/No

if value is Numeric it has to show & enter only decimal nos(must not allow text)

if value is Percentage only number with % has to be there.


So i have created a field in another table as "InputID & InputType"

Entered some records as,

Record1 - Attribute - Yes

Record2 - Attribute - No

Record3 - Numeric - set this field as Numeric, but it allowing text also

Record4 - Percentage - set this field as Numeric & set percentage, it also allows text


So If I select field type Attribute it must has to show in next drop-down as Yes/No

If field type Numeric i select from the dropdown(Numeric/Attribute/Percentage), it must has to show in next field HAS TO ENTER NUMERIC FIELDS ONLY

If field type i select from the dropdown, it must has to show in next field HAS TO TYPE PERCENTAGE VALUES ONLY!


So is there anyway to make it better!


With Advance Thanks, Suresh