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Best usage of summary field max ( somekeyID ) ?

Question asked by wimmmmm on Sep 22, 2017
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context: I have a SolutionUX and a SolutionData FM database, running on FMS16.

After developing I deploy from v1 to v2, by importing all data from SolutionData v1 into v2, and just putting SolutionUX v2 in place.


In order to avoid manual correction of auto-increment IDs in v2, I set up each table like this

  • someKeyID = auto-enter calculated value of ( sMaxID +1 )
  • sMax = summary field max ( someKeyID )


Now, it turns out that when making a new record, the sMax field only regards the records in the found set...


So I now have to make sure that when creating a new record, I have ditched the found set & show all records.

This seems odd to me - and in quite some cases not desired at all.


Is there a better solution?