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How to select some records to print them

Question asked by franscv on Sep 22, 2017
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Hi All

In June 14 NereaCastro asked the question How to select some records to print them


philmodjunk suggested the setup of a TablewithGlobal with one field: gSelectionList, containing the PrimaryKey of "YourTable". The PrimaryKey was added to the gSelectionList of the TablewithGlobal using a button. This doesn t quite works as it should do: by pushing the button for a second time at another record a second gSelectionList record is created and not - as FentonJones explicitely stated: * The List () function will automatically put together a "list" (separated by ¶, return), from fields; hence it will add ¶ then the ID or the record you click the script to run from.

So my List function does not append


Your help and input is appreciated.