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script failing to import particular file

Question asked by imccamey on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by user19752

Got an odd one here.


I have a script intended to ingest files into a content management system. The button triggers the script which prompts the user to to select an .mp4 file on their local machine which then gets imported to a container field.  I've set up an if [get(lasterror)=1] to abort the script if the user cancels and have added a custom prompt which displays "nothing imported".   If the user doesn't cancel, then the file is ingested properly and the user is prompted with a "success" custom prompt.  (truthfully, these are my test script steps to validate the process).


Here's the problem --99.99% of the time the script will import the file as expected or cancel as necessary.  However, in the .01% that remains, the script appears to be failing when the user selects a specific file.    When this file is selected, the import progress bar happens as to be expected but inevitibly stops at about the 80% mark and at this point the user is prompted with the "nothing imported" prompt as if they had manually cancelled the script.


Screenshot 2017-09-22 20.46.59.png


So, I have two questions --


1) what might be causing the import to fail?  I have a feeling it could be a corrupt file that is being imported, but I haven't been able to find any error code that would be able to detect this.

2) Even if could find that error code, and the script is in fact failing becuase of some problem with the file that it is attempting to ingest, I can't understand why it's reverting back to Line 7 or 8 since the user actually has NOT cancelled the process.