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Is Filemaker the solution?

Question asked by piaccounting on Sep 23, 2017
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I have a client who use a number of commercial business systems – e.g. one for accounts, one for deals, one for
time management and another for other analytical work.


However what this lacks is firstly a robust forecasting tool and secondly an integrated approach to management reporting.


I am therefore exploring whether Filemaker could provide a solution. My initial thoughts are that Filemaker provides a dashboard of all relevant management information tapping into existing systems where possible or necessary. It would be a building block approach.


Two primary concerns are:

  1. Can Filemaker provide an effective forecasting model?
  2. Ability to connect to existing systems through API’s or ODBC connectors.


Forecasting is currently done through Microsoft Excel but rely on resource scheduling provided elsewhere with no integration.


My questions are:

  1. Does anyone have experience of using Filemaker for financial forecasting and consider it to be an effective tool?
  2. Similarly is connecting to other data sources to perhaps provide a dashboard of relevant information a sensible approach?


The building block approach is for example to introduce easy to fix problems such as introducing business expenses that can be signed off and imported to the accounting system in a more automated fashion; creating “deal sheets” that feed of sound financial costing information and highlight resource gaps; and replacing the timesheet system, etc. etc. ….


I am aware that this could become a major exercise but would welcome your experienced views.


Thank you.