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How to count/total data by date for use in sub summary report.

Question asked by drdr2017 on Sep 25, 2017
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I am looking for a solution for this problem. I manually type in a chart the summaries for the day for a chiropractic business. I want to be able to fill in this information automatically by date so I can make weekly, monthly,  quarterly, and yearly sub-summaries.


Main relationships are Business-<Clients-<Appointments-<Services.

NP Showed, Reactivated Pt, Regular Pt, Rexams, No Shows, and Total Production are related to Services.

NP appointment is related to Appointments.

I have not created write-offs or Collections part of database yet.

How do I create a field that stores the data needed to create subsummary?


For example, Regular Pt Visits could be determined by counting all text values in Service::Type of Service field that equal "Regular Pt Visit" for certain date. Is there a function that can do this, or is it easier to create a script?




NP AppointmentNP ShowedAcceptedReactivated PtRegular Pt VisitsRe-examsNo ShowsTotal ProductionWrite OffsCollections