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Portal in a "dashboard" not displaying related records

Question asked by sidetrack_ca on Sep 24, 2017
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I have a dashboard that is the first layout on my application.  this dashboard displays various information for the employee such as hire date, days until next anniversary, upcoming events, and PEOPLE WHO HAVE A BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH. I put that in capitals because I have been looking for a solution to that for awhile and am stumped.  Here is the setup.


The layout table for the dashboard is called tap.staff.  within the tap.staff portal I have a field tap.staff::EmployeeBirthdate (this is a date field).


I want to display inside the portal the FirstName LastName and birthday for everyone inside the staff table if their birthday is in the current month. 


I created a JOIN table for the staff table called JOIN.tap.staff

the fields inside the portal are JOIN.tap.staff:EmployeeFirst, JOIN.tap.staff:EmployeeLast, and JOIN.tap.staff:EmployeeBirthdate


I setup a relation between the tap.staff and JOIN.tap.staff on the EmployeeBirthdate fields with an =


I setup the portal filter in the JOIN.tap.staff portal to Month ( Get(CurrentDate )) = Month ( tap.staff::EmployeeBirthdate )


The portal displays the correct information but only for the current record and not the entire DB. 


Any help would be amazing to point me in the right direction.