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Creating a Scheduled Back Up

Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Sep 25, 2017
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I am using FMS16 (Developer edition) I have 4 files.  I want to utilize the company's backup process to make backups of the four files for offsite storage each evening.  We do not use the files after 7pm or before 8am. 


I am following the instructions in FILEMAKER PRO 14: THE MISSING MANUAL.  The screenshot all seem to match to FMS16.

Under Database Server / Folders ... I have Notea folder that the 3rd party backup will use.  It validated.  No problems.

Under Schedules, I selected Back up Databases -- All Databases

Under the Backup Folder:  I typed filewin:/C:/Commvault_Storage/

And, this is where I am stuck.