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Database is set up; wish to develop mailing list. Where,when developing a mailing list layout, can one find the Avery templets?

Question asked by snlippert on Sep 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by snlippert

I've been away from DEVELOPING layouts with FMP TOO long. The only FMP book on my bookshelf is Steven Swartz's 600 page FMP 3 Bible (2nd Edition, of course)!

   I'm using FMP 15 Advanced for Mac and have created a FMP database for a friend. Hope she soon graduates from spreadsheets to FMP!

   While in "layout mode", I can not find any pop-out menu for the 5160 Avery mailing list template. I've seen it referenced in some of the "how-tos", but must be missing a step in the process.

It would help greatly to have the five or six (whatever number) simple steps for going from a "New Layout Report" to a 5160 mailing list templet.

THANKS in advance!