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Duplicating portal records?

Question asked by archiveslisa on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by philmodjunk

We are currently digitising archival records, and are creating a database in filemaker 16 to catalogue them.

Each archive document is called an ‘object’ which has a unique ID (object ID).


I have created a system where many events that have happened to the object throughout its life (e.g. its creation, collection) can be recorded for one object through a portal (screenshots).The system for creating records for events (events records) through the relationship works fine.


However we would also like to assign people, organisations, locations and object records to event records. I will explain this in the context of person records, however the same also applies to the other three relationships of this type:-


I have tried to build a many to many relationship between people and events, so that many people can be assigned to many events and vice versa.


When a person exists on the people table, and a match field (foreign key) is imputed into the portal, (person name) it pulls though the person ID, (which demonstrates that it recognises the relationship), but also seems to add a completely new record, with a new person ID to the portal, the linking table and the people table. On the screenshot Donald Quick has been duplicated.


It seems like it doesn’t know whether to pull through existing data, or to create a new record. Ideally we want it to pull the record through if it already exists, or create a new record if it doesn’t already exist. Is there a way of doing this?

Is there some way that it is going round in circles and pulling data from two sources?