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Edit/Create Parents from Children not using PK

Question asked by flyingdesigner on Sep 25, 2017
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You all have been so helpful to this noob in determining whether or not to use FMP for my wine database project, and now that I have decided to I think it is great and am really excited to move forward.I'm having trouble managing a functionality between producers and wines.  I've been all over the forums and (using search terms that I *think* are right...) and I can't find an answer.


Here is the situation:

There is a Parent Table called Producer with fields: Producer_pk & Producer_Name (because I imagine there will be a ton of producers and I will eventually want to track other fields in those tables).

There is a Child Table called Wine with fields: Producer_fk, Wine_pk, and Wine_Name.


I want to have a Wine layout that shows the producer name and the wine name.  When I create a new wine record, I want to be able to pick from a pre-existing list of producers via a drop down (so I can start typing the name to see if it is there).  The kicker is, I don't want to do the dropdown with the key, rather with the Producer_Name.


Is there a way to do that?


The follow-on question is, is there a way to put an option to open a new window and create a new record within a list?  e.g., if I start typing a name and it isn't in the DB already, can a window pop up to create a new record?


Thanks in advance for your help or guidance to other threads.