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How to best utilize server disks

Question asked by smith7180 on Sep 25, 2017

I have a question about best utilizing disks on a server.


Lets say I have a server (a VM on Azure/AWS/Google Compute) with three disks: OS (80GB), data_A (40GB), & data_B (40GB).  I have a total of 12 databases on this server, and each is 3GB.  They are backed up once a day at 3am to the OS drive.  Only one backup is kept on server which is itself sent to storage after the backup occurs each night when FMS runs a batch file.


Assume each database has moderate to low usage.  How best to distribute these database across the three disks?  6 on data_A, 6 on data_B?  Split them equally- 4 on each drive?  5 on data_A, 5 on data_B, 2 on OS?


I realize more detail would be required to give a definitive answer, but I'd like to begin testing with the most promising set-up.  I will of course change things up if a different arrangment yields better results.