FMS 16 -- Developer License

Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Sep 25, 2017
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I have introduced my company to FileMaker.  Besides myself, there is one other Accounts Payable user and one AR Billing user.  I just rebuilt and reinstalled FMS 16 developer license.  There are four files, three for AP and one for Billing.  As yet, there other two have not connected.  Just me.  I thought my usage was within the guidelines.

I want to use the ONE WebDirect connection to demonstrate that functionality.  But I get this message:


From the FMS Console:

I am not sure why it is showing Test as a UserName.  I am logged into my Desktop as thill and into the Files as Admin.

Is that I am one user connected to three files counting as THREE so that no other user can access? 

When I had FMS16 (FMS15 before that) installed the first time, I had the same four files and same three people to use it.  I am so confused.