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OS X Sierra finder freezes

Question asked by rudihoremans on Sep 26, 2017

Server: OS X Sierra + FMSever 16 (latest versions) on MacPro

User: FMAdvanced 16 + Mac OS Sierra (latest versions) on MacPro

Problem: Finder freezes after running script.

The script imports images in containers. All works fine if script is run on one record. When I add a loop to perform the same script on 100 records (a counter stops the loop after100 executions) - no problem. If I perform the same script (with loop) 5 times in a row, I can quit FM normally, but the Mac Finder does no longer respond to anything (does not open folders, does not open applications, etc.) Also restart or shutdown do nothing at all. I have to press the button to halt the computer and restart.

If I run the script with  loop of several 1000 (I have over 50K of records to treat), the script runs as it should, but the OS is frozen afterwards. Then I even have to unplug the power cable and wait 10 minutes before restarting the Mac.

Is FM consuming every bit of memory (I have 32GB RAM) and not freeing it up ? Or is it a Mac OS thing ?



Extra info: all variables (except counter) are cleared before the next loop starts. I have also added a flush cache to disk before the next loop. To no avail.