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Script Stalling problem with upgrade on IOS

Question asked by bookalaka on Sep 26, 2017
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Ever since there was an upgrade to I believe was IOS 10 on the IPAD my scripts worked slower than ever and became very frustrating to use. At first I thought my older Ipad 2 was the problem with the processor not being fast enough for  then I purchased an IPAD 12.9 and although many scripts worked well again this script (one of the most important in my Ordering Solution) RUNS PATHETICALLY slow. Actually a user can't even work with this. I seem to remember reading something from Phil Modjunk about a change to either FMGO or the IOS.


Can someone suggest a work around or a change to make this script work again. Mind you this runs perfectly on a desktop in FM12 and recently I just tried with FM16 no difference the problem is on the IPAD.


The user clicks in the Menu on the left side and the script adds these items to the Order Sheet. I used this script for two years running FM11on the older ipad and it ran perfectly.


Thanks for any ideas. Images are attached.