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Formatting Bar Always On

Question asked by edwardlscott on Sep 26, 2017
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This question has been asked before: Is there a programmable way to cause the formatting bar to always be on.  The "Off" side of the equation is easy in that the "Allow Formatting Bar [OFF]" both disables the ability to turn the Formatting Bar on AND turns it Off if it is On. However, the "Allow Formatting Bar [On]" only enables the user to turn in On but doesn't actually turn it on.


Some users have found this to work for them:


Show/Hide Formatting Bar | FileMakerHacks


I am working in an existing solution for a new customer. She wants the bar to be on all the time on given layouts. 


It is essentially impossible to follow the directions of the above method because upon opening the file and then entering Layout mode, the Formatting Bar is always turned On no matter the state of the Formatting Bar when I close the file.  The above method discusses first enabling the Formatting Bar in browse mode with a script step, then manually turning it On with the menus - then entering layout mode and manually turning on the Formatting Bar with the menus again, and finally making some small layout change so the layout is saved upon exit to browse mode.  From then on as exemplified in the downloadable example file, using a scripted "Allow Formatting Bar [ON]" step will actually also turn the Formatting Bar On.  In the file I am working in, upon opening the file and then entering layout mode, the Formatting bar is always On, therefore you can't follow the step about turning in On in layout mode making a change then saving it. Turning if Off, entering browse, re-entering layout and turning the Formatting Bar back On does not accomplish what is described in the method above.  There must be additional consideration at play.


I know this is convoluted as <your insertion here>.


Is there a fully determinant way to cause the formatting bar to be ON upon navigating to a give layout?