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FM15 (MAC OSX) & FM Go usage Question

Question asked by samf. on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by Markus Schneider

Hello everyone,


I am relatively new to FM15 (MAC OSX) and have created several forms after importing PDF files (separate forms). I use the forms on my iPad via FM Go.


I have created a drop down list and populated it with all the suburbs of Melbourne Victoria and allowed it to be auto completing, thus some what searchable.


Whilst testing on my Mac, everything works as expected, yet when I copy the file through iTunes and associate it to FM Go on the iPad, the auto complete function does not work.


I have also specified that all fields are in uppercase, yet again, this does not function on the iPad.


There is also one last question that I can not seem to figure out, is is it possible to define a field that auto generates a 'filename' drawing information from other fields?


I am new to scripting, but more than willing to give it a try.


Thank you in advance for any and all advise.