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Looking for an idea on creating a sales plan with coloured dots per record

Question asked by nutsonshells on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by nutsonshells

I am trying to automate a sales plan that has a plan with lots for sale. Once a lot is sold a red dot is added to the plan, if a lot is on hold a green dot is added.


Currently this step is done in Illustrator, saved as PDF and then I append the pricelist from Filemaker as PDF. Lots of steps and to much room for errors.


I have created the dots with conditional formatting, that works fine, but I am trying to work out the best way on getting these all on the plan.


The challenge is, how do I add the dots from multiple records on one layout in various spots. See plan attached.

I also want to make it as easy as possible as I will have to re-do this when new lots go on the market.


My current database shows one record per lot as the base.

I have gone through various scenarios with a sub-table and a record per lot, a sub-table with a field per lot, but haven't really found anything that works.

I guess I could do a relationship per lot, but this is getting a bit of a nightmare for new lots in the future. We are not just talking about 50 but 500+ lots.


Ideally I only have to place a field per lot once on the plan and the rest is calculated based on the main table.


Any ideas on how I could solve this would be greatly appreciated.