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how to automatically generate a text field with increasing numerical sequence?

Question asked by salvagesound on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by salvagesound

Hi. I have a field containing a unique URL, in each record in my database. The 5 digits at the end of the URL correspond to the serial # of the given record, so they increase by 1 with each new record entered, like this:

and so on.


Is there a way to program FP to automatically increase that URL string by one digit, for each new record entered?

Or to just make it plop the serial number into it? NOTE: my serial # field is 7 digits (eg 0050048) but I want the number at the end of the URL to be 5 digits, as above.


And, if I apply changes to the existing field (text, with auto-entered data) will it change or otherwise affect all existing records in my database, or just new entries going forward?


Also, I don't need to change the URL in the existing records, just the new ones going forward.

Should I create a new separate serial # field that's only 5 digits, to facilitate an easier connection to the URL string?


thanks in advance for any help with this!