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Can someone help me with my FileMaker solution?

Question asked by forester on Sep 28, 2017
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My wife is a teach and was talking to me about how they use paper to check off students when they get on the school bus, so I made her a FileMaker app for the iPad a couple years ago to use. The app is quite simple it has 3 layouts, one layout represents each bus and relates to a table that has all the kids names and which bus they belong on. This year they have 4 buses so I am trying to add a 4th layout for the extra bus.

I have done everything I can see I need to do to add that extra bus but for some reason the information is not populating in this new layout.

I have spent many frustrating hours trying to figure out what I am missing to make this forth layout work. The other 3 work fine.

Super frustrated so I am wondering if anyone out there would be willing to have a look at my app with a fresh set of eyes to see if they can figure out what I am missing.