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Many Filters vs Many Table Occurrences

Question asked by Wicktor on Sep 27, 2017
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I have a question about which programming behaviour should be best for faster and safer results and for future development changes.


Basically one table (Table_Users) has User informations and a serie of different test (a total of 35 tests with some 50 different modalities), the other table (Table_Data) collect the results of each test performed by Users each day.

In various layouts of Table_Users there are portals pulling information of test performed, accordingly with various tests and modalities. Actually there is a total of 125 Portals each showing various combinations of tests and modalities..


I have two options for pulling correct data into the proper layouts:

(1) having a few Table occurrences but quite a lot of multiple combinations of filters in each portal. This makes the database graphic relatively simple but each single Portal would have a combination of 5 or 6 filters.

(2) having many Table occurrences but no filters in each portal. This would make the database graphic quite complex but each Portal would virtually need no filters since it would pull information accordingly to related Table occurrences.


The actual solution is built using method (1) and makes me a bit frustrated when having to change small details in each  Portal filter when upgrading the solution, for example when adding new kind of tests.


Would it worth modifying the solution moving to options (2) ?


Many thanks for your advices,