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Found Set records lost when returning to layout

Question asked by jbiggs on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by jbiggs

We are having a strange and concerning issue within our accounting department only.  The simplest description is that the user starts with 10 records in the found set of Layout A, runs a script that uses a Go to Layout to step onto Layout B and then when using a Go to Original Layout returns to Layout A but some times 1 or more of the 10 records in the found set for Layout A are now missing.  This is a huge issue when one of the missing records was the one the script was working on and now it continues  on wrong record in our system.  The records are not deleted and a find can relocate the original 10 records.


We have been experiencing this issue for over a year.  This is happening on 2 separate tables while running 3 different scripts.  The issue does not occur consistently every time the script is run even when at its worst.  Restarting FileMaker will cause the issue to go away for a while but then it starts occurring again after working successfully many times.


That is the basic description of the issue.  Looking for any ideas on what may be the cause.



Some steps taken that have not fixed:

  • The script was very busy originally moving back and forth between these 2 layouts so I simplified as described above along with leaving the original layout one more time to right a journal on the account.  This section also experiences this issue when returning to original layout.
  • The script now closes all other open windows in FileMaker so there is not a chance it is returning back to a different FileMaker window with the same name.
  • Network cables and switches to this department were switched out but the issue continued and has since occurred for 2 other users working in other locations.  Does not seem to be based on a specific area of the main office.
  • There are no Global Variables used to navigate either the layouts or to relocate files in a perform find that could be lingering from a previous run of the script that could cause this issue.
  • Every key section of the script is logged so I can see if found set files disappeared and if one of them is the current record being processed.  If they do, the user is stopped and giving instruction on how to correct based on where the issue is found.


Things that somewhat help but do not solve foundational issue:

  • Restarting FileMaker improves the issue for awhile
  • Started using an open new window to run the Go to Layout steps within and then closing the window.  This allows the starting window to just stay on the original layout and found set.  Originally I did not think this was working based on log notification, but recently realized that may not be the case.  Watching to see if this helps us until main issue is fixed