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One Missing Filtered Portal Record

Question asked by susannecarrier on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by philipHPG

I have built a database using FM15 Pro, in this data there are numerous database files, and relationships between them.  I created a (2) portals based off the same identical "fields" however they are filtered based off a "status" field being either

Active or InActive  so those are the only entries in this status field.  So the portal(s) are filtered based on a "status" field that is filtered as (Active) records and another portal based off (Inactive) records.  Example below:


Investor DB

Investment DB  (sorting by the Status field)      Status Field: Active / InActive

Investor Amounts DB  (pulling records from this DB)


The 1st portal is filtered by the Status Field = "Active"

The 2nd portal is filtered by the Status Field = "InActive"

(both portals pull from the Investor Amounts DB and are filtered by Investment DB - Status field)


The Form itself is pulling from Investor DB (which displays basic investor information), the portal is pulling relational information from Investor Amounts DB and filtered via Investment DB field "status". 


The portal that is filtered via status field "Active" is pulling all the Active Investments for that Investor.  The portal that is filtered via status field "InActive" is pulling all the InActive Investments for that same Investor.  So any particular investor will reflect both some active and inactive investments however (1) InActive investment record is not "visible" in the portal that is filtered by the status field "InActive" and just that one record.   I can do a record sort in the menu for that particular investment record and it pulls all investors for that investment but the fields related to that investment are not "Visible" in the portal, I can see all other investment related records except that one.


I have double and triple checked that investment record and can't see or understand why it's not visible, because the data and information is completed in the same exact manner as all the other investment records.  I'm confused and can't figure this one out, can someone offer any suggestions?