Calculated List field hyperlinks or buttons (preferably color-coded)

Discussion created by peter2017 on Sep 27, 2017
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I have an events database which has a tags field used to categorise the events.  Let's call the tags A, B, C etc.  The tags are in a separate tags table and there is a many-to-many join table.


In a layout, for each event I have a calculated field which lists the tags which are joined to that event. I have achieved this using the List() function - List ( Tags 2::Tag ).


So against each event I get a list of tags, e.g. A, C, G, M, Z.


What I want to do is to make those separate listed tags clickable, either as buttons or hyperlinks, to trigger a script.


Separately it would be good if each tag had a different color, either as a button background or as a colored hyperlink.  Perhaps using conditional formatting, though I have not found a way to apply conditional formatting to individual List() items.


Any insights would be most welcome.