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Multiple unique values in same field without it being a repeating field.

Question asked by stubbsk on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by philmodjunk

We sell artwork and currently have a simple reservations table, and a more extensive sales table, although they are not related in any useful way. I did not develop this database, and I'm new to Filemaker.


I've added more fields to the reservation table so that we can capture project information as it progresses, and I've now created a scrip to convert a reservation into a sale if the client commits to the purchase, but I can only populate the first of our four item number fields.


The sales record currently has four identical text fields, all 'Sales Images::image number'. However, each field can be given unique values, even though there are no repeating fields (See attached doc, all four are selected, and the inspector displays the same field name, and when live the fields display varying values).


These four identical fields are populated in a complex manner running through self-join relationships and other tables, which I'm really struggling to understand.


The only clue I have at this time is a field with 'GetNthRecord' repeated for the four item numbers, but I can't grasp this without relying on the idea of repeating fields.


So how can I have four unique item numbers on a sales record all using the same field without repeating fields?


If I can understand this then hopefully I can figure out how to make my script populate all four fields.


Sorry for being vague, I can delve into the specifics if necessary, I just have the impression that I'm failing to grasp a basic concept.