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Portal Bigger than Body/Row

Question asked by desser on Sep 28, 2017
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I have what seems like a very simple question but I can not figure it out.   To keep this example simple, let's say I have two tables; Items and Details. The Item table has just two fields, Item and ItemID. The details table just has two fields, Detail and ItemID. They are related; an Item can have many associated details. I'd like a layout that lists all Items and, when an Item is selected, all the related Details are shown in a list to the right.  The issue for me is that the standard approach requires each row on the layout to be as deep as the number of rows needed for the portal showing the details.  This means only a few Item rows are visible without scrolling. I'd like a layout which includes a list of all Items and a deep or long portal alongside which displays the related Detail records for the selected Item.  Another way of saying this would be that I want a portal that is deeper (longer) than the height of a row in the body section of the layout, or perhaps we could call it a "floating" portal. Thanks!