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IOS 11 and SSL certificate, issue

Question asked by cavalierejap on Sep 28, 2017


I have been having a problem since I updated to IOS 11, last week.

in order to get help, I give you all info about my system.


I have FMS 16 and I use the 8443 port for Webdirect.

Before the update to IOS 11 I could access to my Webdirect page, and also to the admin page of FMS, with my iPad and iPhone. Being the port 8443, I have been using the SSL certificate issued by Godaddy.


With IOS 10.3.3., I have never had any problem.

Since the update to IOS 11, with my iPad and iPhone, I cannot access anymore to the Webdirect page and to the admin page of FMS.

I go this message:" the connection is not private". I can check the certificate but I cannot keep going anyway. I do not have any choice. I installed also the certificate on my iPad and iPhone hoping that in this was Safari could recognize the certificate, but it did not work.

if I cannot to my webpage I can do it and I do not have any issue. only if I try to connect to admin page of FMS and to WebDirect.

Besides, this happens with Safari and Chrome. If I use Firefox I can pass the message but several things, scripts of FM do not work properly with Firefox.


What should I do it? Am I the only one to have this problem?

Thank you so much for any suggestion and help.


Bet regards