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Script run from PHP intermittently returns "User canceled action" error

Question asked by chrisgrewe on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by mikebeargie

I have a script that I run from CWP that inserts a file into a container. On occasion over the last few weeks, with no other discernible changes to the environment or the file, we will get stuck in a rut where the script will not work and will only return a "User canceled action" error. This happens up to the point where we close the file on FMS and re-open it, at which time, it works again.


Here's the script in question:

#Get parameters
Set Variable [ $Params; Value:Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]
#Set some variables
Set Variable [ $url; Value:GetValue( $Params ; 1 ) ]
#Grab file and store
Insert from URL [ document::document; $url ][ Select; No dialog ]
Commit Records/Requests[ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ]


This worked for more than a year before we ran into any problems, and again, it's only intermittent to the point where we close and re-open the file. Has anyone run into anything like this before?