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FMS 15 OD/AD issues MacOS and Windows

Question asked by PaulTurnbull on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by ch0c0halic

Two issues, one old, one new.


1. FileMaker Server 15, MacOS:


We’ve had a long standing issue up to and including FMS 15 where changing a user’s password or group would not register with FileMaker Server until the next day. Since we did this so rarely we’ve never put a huge amount of time into hunting it down however it has the feel of FMS caching information and only checking for changes once every day. We have recently switched our server to Windows 10 and we believe this problem is persisting although we’ve had, see below, other issues to deal with.


Does FMS cache credentials? If so is there a way to force it to check with OD or AD? If it doesn't then what could be causing this issue?



2. FileMaker Server 15, Windows 10:


We used to run with FileMaker Server on a Mac with Open Directory as our external authentication server. We recently switched over to FileMaker Server on Windows with Active

Directory as our external authentication server. Some of the accounts we had that used to work fine with the Mac/OD setup were suddenly not working.


We ended up narrowing it down to accounts that had passwords that started with a non-alphanumeric character, specifically these four: # ? , )


They worked fine with the Mac/OD setup but were failing authentication with the Windows/AD setup. Active Directory was perfectly happy with the passwords because we could mount shares with SMB, etc. but FileMaker refused to accept the passwords as valid. Once we removed the leading non-alpha character, FileMaker accepted the credentials.


Is there a list of rules that FileMaker Sever on Windows has regarding what it will accept as a valid Active Directory password?