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Shortcut "links" in List View

Question asked by mcrip on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm looking for suggestions on how to add a set of alphabetical shortcut links to the header section on a list view layout.  The list will have a set of records sorted by username, alphabetically.  There may be thousands of records.  I would like to add a series of buttons at the top that list letters A, B, C, etc (or perhaps ranges of letters A-C, D-E, etc) that when selected will jump to the first record in the list that starts with A.


Obviously the buttons will use go to record script step, but what is the best way to figure out the numbering?


My current thinking is something along the lines of

1) Create an auto-enter calculation that stores the first letter of username for each record

2) Create a set of auto-enter fields or global fields that store the values I want to link from (A, B or A-C, D-E)

3) Create a set of TOs that use a self join based on the two above fields, sorted alphabetically

4) Setup the ListPosition function [FileMaker Custom Function:ListPosition ( ListValues ; SearchValue ) or something similar ] feeding it the full list of usernames (in the current found set) and the first username of each link set to get the correct record number for the link set


Any suggestions for a better way to do this?