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Passing Parameters from Visual Basic to FileMaker Script

Question asked by Bentech on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by TonyWhite

Hi everyone. We're working on some basic ActiveX automation between our CAD software and FM database. We're trying to create a button in our CAD program that will check the revision level of a part number in our FM database and return it back to the CAD program. We've got the basics down (running the VB script and calling the FM script from it) but we're struggling to pass the actual parameters between the two (sending the part number from the CAD program to FM, and returning the result (the revision level) to the CAD program.) The best solution we can come up with is to have the CAD program write a text file with the part number, have FM import it, perform the find, then export the revision level as another text file, then have the VB script import and interpret it. It'd work, but it's brittle and clunky. I'm hoping there's a better method. Any suggestions?