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Interactive Containers PDFs fail when hosted with remote client?

Question asked by lolli_group on Oct 1, 2017


I have read about the same problem many times, but no solutions.

So I have a DB with FM 16 with containers field, into which I have PDF.

If I open locally on my MAC OSX the DB with FM Pro / Adv 16 I can see preview.

If I open the same DB when hosted on Cloud, with my MAC OSX, no preview can see. I cannot interact with container field, except for the command "Reload". No Cut, copy, no import, export file...

If I open the same with Web viewer, I can see preview.

If I open the same DB hosted with Filemaker Pro on Windows, I can see preview.


So I tried to assign Preview of MAC instead of Acrobat to see PDF. Result is:

1) MAC OSX with FM 16 Pro/adv: Now I can interact with container field. I see the icon in container field.

If I try to CUT pdf and re-upload the same PDF, now I can see the preview.

2) If I open the same DB with Web viewer, now I cannot see preview, I only see icon of PDF.

3) I am not sure, but I think best (to see preview) is to import in container field as image than pdf. The problem is that image is 1 page only.


Hope this is clear.

It is quite clear this is a problem only with MAC, and the same problem I had in the past with different Filemaker versions. I hoped they have changed something in 16.

Because I cannot change hosting of FM DB, and I cannot extract and re-upload all PDF in container fields (80Gb), I need something to see preview in container fields with PDF.

Have you the same problem ?

Have you ever tried a plugin ?