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Discussion created by wfgclapp on Sep 30, 2017
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Wondering if anyone knows of a good demo file posted out there that handles assigning People to various groups and relating those groups to each other in a hierarchical fashion. Essentially a hierarchical structure such as: Generals, Majors, Captains, Privates. People exist in a People table and those people can be assigned a ranking. Also, each person is assingned a particular ranking officer. I.e. Bob is a Private and his Captain is Sally. Sally's Major is Frank. And so on. Then I can view and deal with each officer and all his subordinates at once (such as send an email to group, assign tasks, etc.).


I've done stuff like this but in a more unsophisticated brute force sort of way. I'd like to better take advantage of FileMaker's relationship cross-join structure using auto-create, Etc.


This is a fairly standard structure so I'm hoping someone knows of a good demo file posted somewhere that can help me thinking about it. The more recent version of FM, the better!