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Web Scraping With Filemaker

Question asked by DennyHayes on Oct 1, 2017
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Something that I have a hard time understanding, is why every video I look at on YouTube etc., about web scraping, does it by using multiple apps, languages, and plugins, when in every case I was able to do the same thing just with Filemaker, and in less time? One even started his lecture by saying that copy/paste was not the proper way to do it, but then later in his lecture he did use a copy/paste to put data in the Numbers app. I have been using copy/paste since Dan Chadwick first created FM a bzillion years ago, and now the routines in FM are so powerful that I have never had a problem pulling any data from a web site by doing a copy/paste to FM, unless it can't be selected, which is seldom. Even then the only other app I ever use is an OCR app. It reminds me of the days when the FM forums were first on the internet, and people there would ask how to do something, and I did my best to help them, and someone would complain that what I did was not the proper use of FM. My only response was "But it works" I also use to write monthly columns for some database magazines, to help people, and I received the same responses there. I am just curious, am I missing something here?